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Simple use of keypad, password and LCD

Please note, I am using a 20×4 I2C LCD display in this sketch, please adjust to your display needs. This sketch allows for multiple users and the ability to change said user’s password /* || @version 1.0 || || @description || Simple use of keypad, password and LCD */ #include

Complete Beginner’s Guide For Arduino Hardware Platform

Arduino is a great embedded platform for prototyping your hobby projects. It is really easy to learn, simple yet efficient and powerful. Arduino Boards are powered by Atmel family Microcontrollers. The board as several features which are so crucial to many hardware applications which includes Digital pins,Ability to drive low

Getting Started With ArdOS for Arduino

1. Background Arduino is a popular hardware platform which is meant for prototyping and hobby projects, but you can be rest assured of more complex and fun hardware design with Arduino. Arduino boards have a core microcontroller and several other chips and hardware necessory to get started with your hardware