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Backspace on chrome fixed

Chrome Will Finally Stop Going Back a Page When You Accidentally Hit Backspace

Chrome’s Plug-Ins and What They Actually Do

Chrome doesn’t rely much on plug-ins, but when you load up Chrome for the first time, it’s already packed with five of them. How-To Geek explains what the heck they actually do. If you’ve ever popped over to your chrome://plugins page, you’ve probably seen some weird names like ‘Widevine Content

Browser security

You need a browser that will not leak information over the internet and not leave traces on your machine. Secondary Storage On secondary storage, where browser is installed and is running from: Browser should be run from read-only media. Configure your browser to only read and never write. Remount your

The Secret Powers of Chrome’s Address Bar

  Chrome’s address bar doesn’t do much at a glance. Type in a URL and you’re taken to a web site. But it can do a lot more if you know how to use it. You can actually do a ton with it though, so let’s dig into some of