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Be anonymous

H̲a̲c̲k̲e̲r̲s̲: Submit your information safely to WikiLeaks or to other websites like BalkanLeaks A̲c̲t̲i̲v̲i̲s̲t̲s̲: Start protests and make clear where and when the protest is happening, contact local, national or global activist organisations for support and tweet the information to @YourAnonNews A̲c̲a̲d̲e̲m̲i̲c̲s̲: Research our leaks and those of

International Day of Peace

Tomorrow is International Day of Peace commemorated all over the world, supported by United Nations. Reality coudl not be more ironic and this event more absurd. These tweets refering to Syria prove not only inability but unwillingness and utter hypocrisy of institutions and governments falsely claiming to represent justice and

Snowden, Assange, Greenwald to speak at Kim Dotcom’s

MEDIA RESOURCES: Snowden, Assange, Greenwald to speak at Kim Dotcom’s political bombshell event: #MOT; the Moment of Truth In a little over 5 hours time (6pm NZST doors, 7pm start) the fightback for our country begins and we need the world’s help to spread the word -FAST-. Event Hashtags: #MOT

Want to stop the cable companies and help net neutrality?

For all the people that are saying they think it is difficult to contact your lawmakers. Here are some steps to contact the FCC. Want to stop the cable companies and help net neutrality? What do I do? Click proceeding 14-28. It should be near the top. Fill in

How to become a Good Programmer?

This post is adopted from   At the very onset, let me make it clear that I DO NOT consider myself a good programmer. I rate my coding skills as average and I am still learning and have…

UK Gothic in UK

Subject: Introduction The UK Goth Mini-FAQ is an unofficial Frequently Asked Questions document for the gothic subculture in the United Kingdom. It hopefully provides some useful information in a succinct manner, although it doesn’t attempt to detail every facet of the scene. Comments and updates are welcome; please use the

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Chinese URLs Decoding

from an American friend living in Beijing once said she refused to communicate with anyone whose email address consisted of a string of numbers, such as This made sense to me at the time—why make email addresses as difficult to remember as phone numbers? But I soon realized