How pokemok go makes money

How Free-to-Play Games Like Pokémon Go Actually Make Money

Quit the job and make videogames?

Should You Quit Your Job To Go Make Video Games?

Pokemon GO Scanner

HERE THERE IS THE SCANNERFAG GUIDE FOR DUMMIES v2.5 —Amor vincit omnia— Written by a stupid Anon who wants to help tards like him Thanks to ScannerAnon who helped us with his account STEP 1) Copy this link into your browser: It will be the installer for Python 2.7.12 Wait until it is totally downloaded, then click for opening …

Saved history in Wales. ..still, UK

Raid On Abandoned Ship Saves Over 50 Classic Arcade Games


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 video review: Behold, the GPU king

Ps4 hack

Watch homebrew code run Steam games on the PS4

Online Gaming Risks

An abundance of choices exist in today’s online gaming environment. One popular genre of games has emerged called Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs or MMOs). Most allow players to create online identities as game characters who participate in virtual adventures, which sometimes cross into the real world. For example, gamers sell virtual game items for real-world money in …

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is coming

A Minecraft port for Windows Phone is coming; after which it will be the first, originally indie, non AAA title to be on all platforms except Nintendo Platforms. Which are still in the works. Developer Jens Bergensten, lead developer for Mojang, Minecraft…

Bye PlayStation Home!

PlayStation home, one of Sony’s experiments,  has been on the PS3 since December 2003. But due to a “shifting landscape” says the PS Blog post . PlayStation Home will stop as of March 31st 2015. Prior to which, PS3 owners will receive free content…

Destiny – Launch Trailer

After the Creators of Halo(Bungie) and the company that brought you Call of Duty(Activision) signed a 10 year publishing deal, they revealed Destiny as their first project. Destiny is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game (FPS), with many game…

Game lover, comedian, and actor Robin Williams passes away

Today is truly a sad day in the world of comedy. Robin Williams, considered “the funniest man alive” has been pronounced dead. He was 63. He was a truly funny man, and has acted in many movies and T.V. shows, and has always been fantastic in many of…