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Build a LAMP Server on Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop

This video tutorial will show how to turn an Ubuntu 14.04 desktop into a LAMP server. Watch as I install Apache, MySql, and phpMyAdmin to have a test server for building web pages. I also install VSFTP for a FTP server. Finally, I install Webmin for a web interface and

Account Password Security: Advanced Edition

Just the Steps What follows is a discussion on how to use file sync software like Dropbox and encryption software like TrueCrypt to securely and conveniently access an offline password database like those created through KeePassX on every device. The idea is to create a small encrypted file container with

Account Password Security: Basic Edition

The Short Version Sharing credentials (username and passwords) between the numerous online accounts we have is a difficult dangerous habit to break. I propose the following steps as a manageable way to fix the problem: Select password database software like KeePassX or LastPass and if necessary complementary mobile apps Track

Unix/Linux Bash: Critical security hole uncovered

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for NetworkingBash, aka the Bourne-Again Shell, has a newly discovered security hole. And, for many Unix or Linux Web servers, it’s a major problem. Like many others, I use Bash for my default desktop and server shell, which means I need to get it patched as

Linux Hacking Tools

Nessus– this tool can be used to scan configuration settings, patches, and networks etc. it can be found at NMap. This tool can be used to monitor hosts that are running on the server and the services that they are utilizing. It can also be used to scan for