Love this prototyping software …brilliant!

Download Images From Web Page

download images directly to your local computer, without the need for any authentication, permission, etc. <?php $url=’’; $urlsrc=’’; $doc=new DOMDocument(); […]


The programming code will list 12 records at a time from a data table contained within a MySQL database. It […]

PHP Security Tools

Security Tools Securimage Securimage is a free, open-source PHP CAPTCHA script for generating complex images and CAPTCHA codes to protect […]

PHP Debugging Tools

Webgrind Webgrind is an Xdebug profiling Web front end in PHP 5. It implements a subset of the features of kcachegrind, installs in […]


Hey, use it at your own risk! YOUTUBE: PAGE: TWITTER: GROUP: ================================================================== <?php ${“x47x4cx4fBAx4cS”}[“x64x7ahrx6cx67mx77x78“]=“six74x65“;${“x47x4cx4fBx41x4cx53“}[“x73gx6apx63xnlx6a“]=“x78“;${“x47x4cx4fx42Ax4cx53“}[“x71x76x61x7ax73x68lx61x63x6bx71x6d“]=“ux72x6c“;${“x47x4cx4fBx41x4cx53“}[“x63x69wx76ex65x64x73x67x74l”]=“x6dx61x74x63x68x65s”;${“x47x4cOBALx53“}[“x62x6cjx77x67hx71x71x6ex6c“]=“cox75nx74“;$ciarvjpxqojr=“x75x72x6c“;${“x47x4cOx42x41x4cx53“}[“x7ax71x73x6bbx74x68x68x78“]=“x73dox6d“;${“x47Lx4fx42x41Lx53“}[“cx69x64tzmb”]=“sx65x72x76x65x72“;${“x47x4cx4fx42x41x4cx53“}[“x73btx63x6cx70z”]=“x68ex61dx65x72x73“;$ccmkdtr=“ux72x6c“;${“x47x4cx4fBALx53“}[“x78fx6cux6crk”]=“mx65“;${“x47x4cx4fBALS”}[“x6ex71x70x71x79x69x64x65x6c“]=“x73x64om”;${“Gx4cx4fBx41Lx53“}[“ox69x79mx63jx70nofj”]=“ix70“;$ccklsifydxd=“x75x72x6c“;echo“#x20x43LOx55DFAREx20x42Yx50ASSEx52  Bx59x20x54x48x45 Gx52x45Ax54x45Sx54.n“;echo“x23x20x43ODx45D […]

PHP “Post ” in forms example

<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><form method=”post” action=”<?php echo $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’];?>“>Name: <input type=”text” name=”fname”><input type=”submit”></form><?php $name = $_POST[‘fname’]; echo $name; ?></body></html>

Suggestion box in PHP

Suggestion box in PHP Basically you type something and the software will propose suggestions Two parts code. The first part […]

Image Verification for Form Submission

<?PHP ///////////////////////////////////////////// //  send_imagever.php                      // ///////////////////////////////////////////// session_start(); // set up some default values // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $sessionvar = ‘imageVerHash’; $imgWidth = […]

php simple excel table

<?php // class SimpleExcelCellsTypes { const None =0; const Numeric =1; const Date =2; const Text =3; } class SimpleExcelSheets […]

Create Random Password

<?php /**  * The letter l (lowercase L) and the number 1  * have been removed, as they can be […]

PHP SQL Injection

SQL Injection Many web developers are unaware of how SQL queries can be tampered with, and assume that an SQL […]