UK and US as we stand now!

This week both sides of the Atlantic are, to use technical geopolitical jargon, even more of a hot mess than […]

The modern world

Thank you Steve Cutts for the images. Nothing shows our life trend in such detail.

Eisenhower — Guns

Every Gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signify in the final sense a theft from those who […]

Running the show!

I find this text from 1930 ish quite actuall and modern. Aldous Huxley-He was best known for his novels including […]

We, the Web Kids.

Piotr Czerski We, the Web Kids. (translated by Marta Szreder) There is probably no other word that would be as […]

Man Ape Brain

Pretty american , but we can glance our self in the same mirror, isn’t it?

Some Thoughts

So I’ve noticed a lot of people asking here and various other places what to do next.  Some feel unsure […]