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WhatsApp Free again!

Good News for WhatsApp users! The widely popular messaging service is going completely free. And you’ll be able to use WhatsApp without paying a penny. Old WhatsApp users might not be aware of this, but WhatsApp introduced the subscription fees for its service a few years ago, forcing new users

suicide hotlines

please remember suicide is NOT the answer, there are people out there who care. international suicide hotlines   Argentina: + 54 (0) 223 493 0430 Armenia: (2) 538194 / (2) 538197 Australia + Austria: 08 93 81 5555 / 03 63 31 3355 / 08 93 88 2500 / 1800 198 313 Barbados: (246) 4299999 Belgium: +32 (0) 2 648 40 14 Botswana: 3911270 Brazil: 55 11 31514109

The Secret To Social Network Marketing

    Social Network Marketing is about using social media sites as marketing tools for the optimization of revenue or increasing brand exposure. Social Media Marketing use strategy like SMO (Social Media Optimization), it can be done in two ways a) Adding social media links to content such as sharing

4 Ways to Crack a Facebook Password and protect yourself

Here goes the pasting process :p. Despite the security concerns that have plagued Facebook for years, most people are sticking around and new members keep on joining. This has led Facebook to break records numbers with over one billion monthly active users as of October 2012—and around 600 million active

Hack into someone’s Facebook account

In this article I’ll show you these, and a couple other ways that hackers (and even regular folks) can hack into someone’s Facebook account. But don’t worry, I’ll also show you how to prevent it from happening to you. Method 1: Reset the Password The easiest way to “hack” into

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