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Speed Up a Slow Windows PC

Windows PCs don’t have to slow down over time. Whether your PC has gradually become slower or it suddenly ground to a halt a few minutes ago, there could be quite a few reasons for that slowness. As with all PC issues, don’t be afraid to give your computer a reboot if something’s

Stop all of the telemetry servers – Microsoft Windows 10

Add the following lines below to your [c:windowssystem32driversetchosts] file in Windows 10. Make sure you open it from an elevated command prompt so you can save the changes! This will prevent all of the telemetry servers below from resolving so Microsoft Windows 10 will be unable to report your system

Exchange Server 2016 Installation

Microsoft released Exchange 2016 preview On July 22, 2015, let’s configure the pre-requisites and see how to install Exchange 2016. The Public preview is available on public preview availability . NOTE: Installing Exchange 2016 Preview in a…

Certain Windows updates in Windows 10 deliver extra “options” for telemetry on your machine.

For a guide on how to disable several telemetry options already, visit this website: Another resource is available at: Certain Windows updates in Windows 10 deliver extra “options” for telemetry on your machine. It is advisable to uninstall them: For additional privacy, you can add these entries

Micro$oft Spy removal

Below is the list of “updates” that delivered by Windows Update as “telemetry and customer experience improvements”. If you don’t want upgrade to Win10 or send your “telemetry” to MS – remove them and do not install again. Microsoft claims this is “telemetry” and customer experience blah-blah-blah. Well I call

Top 7 firewall for windows

There are many tools out there to help you manage your firewall’s operations, but there aren’t too many free ones.  Comodo Internet Security   Comodo, always a popular choice , has merged its antivirus program with Firewall Pro, creating a free security program for everyone. If you are only interested in

Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is Microsoft’s free anti-virus software. It is designed to protect against malware and viruses on Windows XP, Vista, and 7, but in Windows 8 it has been discontinued and merged with Windows Defender. In truth MSE has never been a robust anti-virus, receiving widespread criticism for

Multiple Ethernet profiles

1) Set up your network config for the first network option you want 2) Open a command prompt (Start/Run, type CMD, press enter) 3) Type CD, press enter so that you are pointed to the root of C:. This is only to make it easier to find the config files

Process Explorer v16.05

   Download Process Explorer (1.07 MB) Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. The Process Explorer display consists of two sub-windows. The top window always shows

Best recovery CD

Hiren’s BootCD Hiren’s BootCD is pretty legendary, and anyone who’s ever worked in support or systems administration has probably used it at least once (or has several version of it lying around still.) The rescue disc is aimed squarely at repairing Windows systems, and includes a wealth of tools to

McAfee Free Tools

McAfee is committed to your security and provides an assortment of free McAfee tools to help in your software development. Simply select a tool and download it for free. For more details, read the McAfee Software Free Tools   A lot’s and mostly useful to the extreme. Nice one guys!

Stored Procedure From Excel Sheet

Reports are one of the key requirements for management from any application whether it is a web application or Windows and they are interested to see it in Excel sheet. So, how about connecting an Excel sheet to a stored procedure and executing it directly from Excel sheet and get

Windows NT 6.X OLE package manager remote code execution through MS Office Powerpoint XYZ slideshow (ppts, pptxs).

/*++ Title: Windows NT 6.X OLE package manager remote code execution through MS Office Powerpoint XYZ slideshow (ppts, pptxs). EID: 00000217:2013/06/10 Description: Undocumented features exist in Windows NT 6 OLE package manager. These features allow to bypass ‘Safe download’ mechanism from untrusted sources and to execute imm. The IContextMenu i-face

Microsoft XP updated until 2019 – tweak

The registry addition tricks Microsoft into thinking your PC is running the Point Of Sale “Embedded” version of Windows, which will continue to have updates until 2019. The change only works on 32-bit systems, not 64-bit. Microsoft warns this is a bad idea and suggests, naturally, you replace the operating

How to block access to a website

If you are concerned about someone in the family or workplace using a certain website, there are a few different methods of restricting access. Although it is possible to block access on a specific browser, many computers these days have more than one browser available to a user. Another option

Windows Xp after 8th of April

Microsoft has confirmed that all existing security patches and updates for Windows XP will still be available after support officially ends. This means that after the 8th April 2014, you’ll still be able to use Windows Update to download all existing security patches. However let’s create an WINDOWS XP SP3

Create a Shutdown Shortcut for windows 8

1. It starts, ironically, in Desktop mode, which you can reach by clicking/tapping the Desktop tile or pressing Win-D (that’s the Windows key and the letter D). 2. Right-click in any open spot on the desktop, then choose New, Shortcut. 3. We’re going to make a Shutdown shortcut, so in