Ransomware Windows OS exploit FIX

This is an urgent notice about new Ransomware Windows OS exploit. New ransomware appeared on the Internet which abuses Windows 7/Win server 2008/2012 exploit in the SMBv1 service. A lot of desktop computers and servers over the world are being infected at the moment. Therefor we would like to remind

Domains linked to #WannaCry

Domains linked to #WannaCry Reverse Whois results for BotnetSinkhole@gmail.com ============== There are 33 domains that matched this search query. These are listed below: Domain Name Creation Date   Registrar agrdwrtj.us 2017–04–22  NAMECHEAP, INC. bctxawdt.us 2017–04–20  NAMECHEAP, INC. cokfqwjmferc.us 2017–04–26  NAMECHEAP, INC. cxbenjiikmhjcerbj.us    2017–04–26  NAMECHEAP, INC. depuisgef.us    2017–05–02  NAMECHEAP,