Apple faces lawsuits after saying it slows down iPhones

Always trust a big greedy corporation like Apple. When you receive a product free , basically , you are the product and I guess It’s fine. HOWEVER we pay an arm and a leg for these devices from Apple and this is what we get…Nice isn’t it? Apple Inc (AAPL.O) defrauded iPhone users by slowing devices without warning to compensate …

British wind farms generated more electricity than coal plants

British wind farms generated more electricity than coal plants on more than 75% of days this year, figures show. The continuing rise of renewables and the decline of the most polluting fossil fuel also saw solar outperform coal more than half the time, data provided by analysis website MyGridGB to the Press Association shows. Overall, renewables provided more power than …

UK and US as we stand now!

This week both sides of the Atlantic are, to use technical geopolitical jargon, even more of a hot mess than usual. Why? Theresa May stands accused of basically bribing the DUP with £1bn, sourced from the mythical magic money tree, to prevent herself from being evicted from the Big Brexit House. God-loving Republicans, flush with family values, are trying to …

Broadcom exploit

Broadpwn – All Your Mobiles are Belong to Us

Heart of gaming in croydon

The Croydon Video Game Arcade That’s Recycled From The Trocadero

Ubuntu now on Windows store

Ubuntu is now available for download on the Windows Store

London best bars

London’s Best Bars To Cool Off In