Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.


This means organisations running Windows XP will no longer receive: new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free /paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.


Any new vulnerabilities discovered after support end will not be addressed by Microsoft.  The risks of continuing to run Windows XP include:


  • Increased vulnerability of IT infrastructure
  • Increased susceptibility to security attacks (like Zotob, Blaster or Conficker)
  • Increased cost for security management overhead (i.e. paying for reactive emergency fixes/Custom Support Agreements)
  • Increased migration costs the longer a product is kept operational
  • Increased vulnerability to claims of failure to comply with data security obligations under the Data Protection Act, due to the increased risk of security breaches associated with an unsupported operating system.


It is suggested you consider your migration status from Windows XP at the earliest opportunity.


(Support for Microsoft XP ceased on 8 April 2014).

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