In our present times, people are experiencing an overwhelming sense of frustration as they perceive themselves to be manipulated by a system that is more powerful than ever before. We must never underestimate the force that arises from this collective frustration. Recent years have witnessed hackers breaching the systems of governments and major corporations, only to discover the exorbitant amounts of money being spent on spying on citizens. These entities actively work to discredit voices of dissent and engage in dubious practices.

This system in place is intolerant of those who dare to unearth the truth. It vehemently resists any form of questioning, leaving individuals devoid of the right to challenge its authority. If you purchase a piece of hardware or software, you are bound to use it only as intended, with any other usage strictly forbidden. Tinkering and improvement are not allowed. For instance, if you own a PlayStation, you are constrained to using it according to Sony’s wishes. Any attempts to enhance it or share valuable information with others for mutual improvements are stifled. In this day and age, we are no longer true owners of our possessions. Rather, we find ourselves merely borrowing things from the system. These shiny and colorful items serve as playthings for which we pay a lifelong fee, regardless of their true value. The system thrives on our perpetual pursuit of acquiring new things, regardless of their quality, ensuring that everything rapidly becomes outdated.

Consider your home, belongings, car, and computer. You will continue paying for them throughout your entire life, bound by monthly fees until your very last breath. In this future reality, nothing truly belongs to you. Life as a Service (LAAS) has emerged, transforming individuals into perpetual renters. The system molds our lives into a never-ending cycle of payments.

To survive in this world, you are expected to work tirelessly, without respite. Exhaust yourself and avoid thinking critically. In fact, thinking is actively discouraged. Instead, indulge in games, substances, and the entertainment industry’s offerings. These outlets promise to resolve your philosophical and transcendental quandaries, alluring you with their shiny and colorful distractions. However, be cautious not to engage in excessive thought, as it is deemed dangerous by the system.

The system implores you to accept its alluring offer, painting it as the perfect deal. In exchange for your freedom, it promises you access to an array of mesmerizing, shiny, and colorful baubles. However, this perfect deal comes at a great cost—it demands your very life. We must remember the historical analogy of the indigenous peoples who surrendered their lands, as in the case of Manhattan. Present-day enslavement takes the form of insurmountable debt, keeping modern individuals in chains, albeit invisible ones.

I offer my sincere apologies for this rant, but it is vital to recognize the gravity of the situation. We cannot dismiss it with a nonchalant attitude. Modern-day slavery does not manifest in physical chains, but rather in the suffocating weight of debt that shackles countless lives. It is imperative to acknowledge this reality and strive for a future where personal freedom and autonomy are reclaimed, unburdened by the chains of manipulation and debt.

Modern Slaves are not in chains, they are in debt!

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