Hide your IP address

Hide your IP address and protect your online identity with SafeIP.

Also watch BBC IPLAYER overseas…sweet.




How can I speed up browsing using SafeIP?

Selecting a location nearest to you is the best way to ensure the fastest connection speeds. From the Dashboard tab, scroll down the Select Location box on the left, to find the country and region nearest to your current location, and then double-click the location to connect. You may try using other nearby locations to see if another location is faster for you. You may also try selecting an IP location nearest to most of the websites or servers you regularly use.

We also recommend turning on the free Ad blocking and Malware blocking features on the Setting tab. These features can speed up your web browsing by blocking advertisements that slow your web browsing. Malware, scamware, phishing, and spam sites can be blocked as well using the Malware blocking feature, potentially further speeding up your web browsing.

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