Passwords/ Passwords (Thanks anonimous)

Choosing a Strong Password by @voodookobra
– Educational article, great explanation.
Guide for creating strong passwords
– Older article but still good info

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Strong Passwords

Passwords: Here’s how to make them harder to crack.
Handy tool for generating strong passwords
Passphrase generating tool
The Password Meter
– check password strength and learn what qualities of your password put you at risk
– Don’t use exact password but something close to give you idea.
Password Security 101
Password Management Guide Design
– Design your own password management strategy with this
Take control of password chaos with these six password managers
Separate passwords for every account is necessary but inconvenient – password managers make it easy
– Caution online password managers do come with some risks – always a trade off
– Nice to synchronize with multiple devices!
Review of USB Password managers
How to Build a (Nearly) Hack-Proof Password System with LastPass and a Thumb Drive

Why two-factor authentication is not a silver bullet
Save Pidgin Passwords In GNOME Keyring Instead Of Plain Text

Free vault offered as example
> Keep your passwords SAFE and SECURE with => Limited use is FREE!

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