Perfect OS for hacking.

Anonymous released their own operating system, based on Ubuntu and Mate.

Should we download it…no, not really as they usually add troyan and malware in it…so you hack and then you get hacked…not funny.


Kali linux, backtrack OS, yes, but as above paranoia it’s in me so… best solution.

Honestly, they all are just like any other linux distros for the most part. If you are not yet, I suggest starting by getting comfortable with Ubuntu(WITHOUT the Unity interface). Ubuntu is a very user friendly distro, so don’t be afraid if you haven’t used it before.

Once you are comfortable with Ubuntu, you will notice that Backtrack pretty much IS Ubuntu, with security/penetration tools installed by default. I would suggest googling the tools, and reading up on their proper use, and if you have any questions, you can go here: []

On a personal note, MANY of the tools I still can’t remember the exact steps to use. I have several text documents on the desktop of my Backtrack install, that list the steps to go through/terminal commands needed for the various tools.

In addition check the my article about the hacking tools.

Personally this will create your, personal, secure hacking suite.


Your choice really!


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