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Phone monitoring software – some good some bad and some just pure scams!

Recommended Mobile Spy Software


flexispy resources

Without doubt the leading program right now. There is no argument, they simply offer more features and functionality than any other monitoring program on the market. If you need any recording – voice calls or phone surroundings, Flexi Spy is your Only option.

They now have cheaper options with 1, 3, 6 and 12 monthly contracts – suitable for most budgets. If I am forced to recommend just one program, FlexiSpy is the one.

Visit their site


mspy resources

Coming a close second to Flexispy in my view, mainly because they don’t have any recording features. What they do offer is a reliable service and a pretty slick dashboard. Very easy to set up and use.

One added benefit is that Mspy now have a separate service to monitor any iPhone without having to Jailbreak – it isn’t as full featured as their regular spy software but still offers a good alternative if Jailbreaking isn’t possible.

Visit their site here for their latest deal!


mobistealth resources

This is an older program – not quite as snazzy looking as the others but I still like it. They have been around for years and just quietly work!

It may not have all the bells and whistles of FlexiSpy but if you need the best price and software that is reliable MobiStealth is worth a look.

Check them out here.

All of them can monitor cell phones and Tablets.

I deliberately do not recommend loads of different spy software programs – I let other sites do that! I test any that I recommend and will stand by my recommendations.

New programs come and go all the time – only a few work reliably and stay around in the longer term – so you need to chose carefully. Is this the definitive list … no, it is just mine!

Next Up: Jailbreaking and Rooting Resources.

Jailbreaking and Rooting are always top of my questions and comments lists. I understand people can struggle with these but they are not that complicated really. Sometimes you just need to go for it – follow the instructions and most people end up surprised at just how easy it really is.

I have several articles and guides on the site that I have created to help with:

The problem is that no one guide can cover every make and model of device with clear instructions for all. I confess that I am not the leading expert in these fields! Below I have listed a few good resources to help you find information quickly. Thanks to those sites!

Jailbreaking Resources:

Rooting Android Resources:

Need to find out what version of Android you are running?

Just visit the link below from your Android device and it will tell you!

The monitoring software companies also have some good guides for Rooting and Jailbreaking so check them out too. Just be careful and don’t read too much – you will end up more confused. Just pick a guide and get stuck in.

Computer Monitoring Software Programs

More and more people have been asking me to review some PC monitoring software programs. I’m still at the testing stage and as usual there is a lot of variation in terms of features and reliability.

mSpy and Mobistealth both offer PC Spy programs and you can save money by buying them with a mobile package.

Recommended PC Spy Software

Mobistealth for PC

A long established and popular program – available for both Windows and Mac computers and laptops.

Features include : keystroke logging; browser history; chat/ messenger monitoring including Skype, Yahoo and Facebook; remote screenshots allow you to see the PC being used.

All in all a decent application with some good features at a low price. Watch out for my full review soon!

Find out more here.

mSpy PC Monitoring

Mspy computer monitoring has been available for a few years now and has seen a huge growth in popularity – in part helped by the success of their mobile monitoring app. The company has a solid reputation for quality and reliability. It can be bundled with mobile monitoring – good value!

Features include: keystroke logs; live screenshots; time logs of computer use and activity; applications installed and their use. It all works in stealth mode and gives very detailed and reliable reports.

Find out more at mSpy

Mobile Security Solutions

With the rise of cell phone monitoring comes the rise of people concerned that they are being spied on …. illegally! You can read my articles on cell phone security :

How to do a Factory Reset

What About Mobile Antivirus?

You know, sometimes I think people’s heads haven’t caught up with the technology in their new Smartphones. Most of us recognize the dangers of going on the internet from a PC or laptop and would never do it without proper anti-virus software.

How many access the internet from a mobile device – tablet or phone – without having installed mobile antivirus software? …..  It is incredible!

Antivirus software may not be foolproof in detecting spy software (although it can help … sometimes) but it will protect your expensive device from known virus and malware threats.

The first step after starting your new device should always be to install a good antivirus software – free or paid!

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Recommended Mobile Security Software

Some of the top mobile Antivirus / Security programs that I have tested are:

Norton Mobile Security

This regularly appears in the “Top” lists – for performance, value and extra features – and it is one of the best at finding spy threats. Available for Android and iOS cell phones and tablets.

Of course they are well known for their main PC antivirus and utilities programs aimed at home and business users.

Extra features: call and text blocking, remote data wipe, locate phone and remote locking – plus virus and anti spyware protection you would expect.

I have tested their mobile Android version and it is definitely worth a look.

Visit Norton Here

F-Secure Mobile Security

Another antivirus and security app that has had good results against some monitoring software programs. They cover PC and Mac but for mobile devices they only support Android devices right now.

They offer good value with discounts for multiple devices and there is a Free Trial – always good to try!

F Secure are competing well with some big names in this market and they offer several extra features including a password manager, bank safe features, phone locate and public WI-FI protection.

See what you think of F Secure here

AVG Mobile Security

AVG are one of the big guns – offering a range of solutions for PC, Mac, Android and iOS phones and tablets. Everything from antivirus and internet protection to registry cleanup.

I have used their paid and free versions of Mobile Android antivirus software – paid versions come with more features and support, but their free version is better than no protection!

Extra features include: app locking, find your phone, anti theft measures, call blocker and backup utility.

Have a look for yourself here

All give good protection for antivirus etc. but as I mentioned none are foolproof in detecting cell spy software. I’m afraid they can all be a bit hit and miss when it comes to flagging some of the better monitoring apps.

In my testing, Norton and FSecure gave the best detection rates – but my main reason for using them is to protect my devices from other online threats such as viruses and malware.

Internet Security Suites?

These offer more features than regular antivirus software – usually bundled to cover multiple devices and a great idea for small business and family protection.

One I have tested recently with good results is:

Total Defense Mobile Security

They offer different versions according to how many devices you need to protect – PC and Mobile Devices. They also have extra features such as cloud backups and some parental controls.

Definitely worth a look if you need a Family option or antivirus and internet security for small business.

Check them out here


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