Programming languages that are useful to hackers

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1 HTML Language used to write web pages. *Cross platform Web hacking

Login forms and other data entry methods on the web use HTML forms to get data. Been able to write and interpret HTML, makes it easy for you to identify and exploit weaknesses in the code.

2 JavaScript Client side scripting language *Cross platform Web Hacking

JavaScript code is executed on the client browse. You can use it to read saved cookies and perform cross site scripting etc.

3 PHP Server side scripting language *Cross platform Web Hacking

PHP is one of the most used web programming languages. It is used to process HTML forms and perform other custom tasks. You could write a custom application in PHP that modifies settings on a web server and makes the server vulnerable to attacks.

4 SQL Language used to communicate with database *Cross platform Web Hacking

Using SQL injection, to by-pass web application login algorithms that are weak, delete data from the database etc.

5 Python




High level programming languages *Cross platform Building tools & scripts

They come in handy when you need to develop automation tools and scripts. The knowledge gained can also be used in understand and customization the already available tools.

6 C & C++ High level programming *Cross platform Writing exploits, shell codes etc.

They come in handy when you need to write your own shell codes, exploits, root kits or understanding and expanding on existing ones.


7 Java


Visual Basic


Other languages Java & CSharp are *cross platform. Visual Basic is specific to windows Other uses

The usefulness of these languages depends on your scenario.

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