Traffic generator via tor (educational)

Set up several onions and just leave them open while you’re browsing through Tor. It’s best if it’s more than one in case anyone analyzing your traffic figures out what it is (they shouldn’t be able to see what address you connect to).

<?php if(empty(session_id())) {session_start();} ?><!DOCTYPE html>

<title>Traffic generator</title>
if(!isset($_SESSION[‘traffic_settings’])) {$_SESSION[‘traffic_settings’]=[
if(count($_POST)>0) {foreach($_SESSION[‘traffic_settings’] as $k=>$v) {if(isset($_POST[$k]) && !empty($_POST[$k])) {$_SESSION[‘traffic_settings’][$k]=intval($_POST[$k]);}}}
$refresh=rand($set[‘Minimum_refresh_rate’], $set[‘Maximum_refresh_rate’]);
?><meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”<?php echo $refresh; ?>”>


<?php echo “Next refresh in $refresh seconds.nn”; ?><form method=”POST”><?php
foreach($set as $k=>$v) {echo “<div>$k: <input name=”$k” placeholder=”$v”></div>”;}
?><button type=”submit”>Submit</button></form>

<div style=”display:none”><?php for($t=0, $f=rand($set[‘Minimum_content’], $set[‘Maximum_content’]); $t<$f; $t++) {echo ‘0’;} ?></div>


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