The brexit in my opinion was a wild animal that suddenly left the cage.

Nobody really expected it.

This animal completely changed the political situation in the country , destroying the old parties and creating new ones.

It managed to show the reality of the people and freed , in a very concerning way, their thoughts.

Populist, racial intolerance, political intolerance and politicians real face.

As usual old faces managed to change their mask and show themselves like the saviours of the country some in an extremist way, and they were too much really, some in a more soft way, but still intolerant to everything and everyone.

This everyone comes from the fact we just, barely, managed to come out a banking crisis, but it showed a discontent for the political class, additionally , thank you to some really fake prophets, a really xenophobic feeling for every stranger looking fellow.

Some people voted out , because they do not like the muslin, Indian, black, Pakistani, etc living nearby and sometimes even in town where none of them where there.

They, probably, voted in fear to become a minority , just like in the USA. They voted against British citizens.

This everything comes from the fact we got feed information about unelected people governing our business, well not true , we elect mep and they are part of the election process of this unelected.

The court of justice is above everyone, well they are supposed to be impartial like in UK , so thank you for that.

Mep cannot start a vote, well they can especially if they are there and they create Alliance with other country mep in parliament.

Anyway never liked the eu myself, however it’s a market, and after 3 years what’s happened ?

Well not much on our front, but a lots on different fronts.

Businesses and corporations are not stupid, they are resourceful and they have access to a vast number of very intelligent people.

Not Just recently USA is very, but very interested in the UK.

Why? well the worldwide financial market is here, we are near to Europe and we do have links with Asia and the Middle East.

China has already a Silk Road with the UK.

All the corporations are USA in birth and some new ones are Chinese, all of them will love to be bases in a country out the direct influence of eu, but still intrinsically linked to it, especially when this country is destined to be a tax heaven with a hugely reduced taxation.

Ford closing their factory in UK, why when you mainly see ford in road car, van, pickups?

Well by 2020 this brexit will be done, we will have an open market with USA, so no much tax, produce the car in USA or probably in Mexico (another trade deal ongoing) and ship in UK for little money.

China opening head offices in London already…why?

We are out Europe….yes but not the American continent(do not forget Canada deal).

Yes it will be a couple of year of struggle for us the little men…and women, however this is destined to be like a Singapore in Europe…at least the square mile.

Corporation heaven, services land.

Let’s only hope they are smart enough to look after the people, but I can see that they are already doing so creating the populist movement with their own people😉to make people happy for now(Mrs Nigel are you there?).

We are not stupid and we can see what is happening, we are in a global knowledge world, however we need to learn how to filter the right from wrong.

Many people are not that good in that and they are an easy target(old age not necessarily means experience and we really need to show them (elderly folks) how to get informed not only with tv and radio).

The bbc and itv , apparently, forgot to notify about the happenings in France with the gilets protest, the 44 Asian rounded up for pedophilia, the feltham shooting and the constant London stabbing.

Of course soon Boris has an argument with the girlfriend , or Corbyn makes jam …. headlines everywhere!

Boris sided with the corporations and the upperclass …vote him no question.

He is a compulsive liar, but is on their side, maybe their Macron in France and the centrist in Italy.

Corbyn give back to the people, nationalise, protect nhs …nope! he is anti Semitic, racist and arrogant. Of course at the moment not many sympathiser of the Muslim community so the “they” had to find another plausible target , who better of the almighty Jewish community in London the same one with shares in virtually everything(of course not every Jewish is bad or extremely rich…everyone has the good and the bad).

Sadiq khan mayor of London accused by all and the elected USA president (check your country first you Hairy orange blimp) as unable to do his job, because the current government decided to close many community centres, stop funds to the small local charities and reduce police funds, push for universal credit, increase homelessness, windrush,etc basically stopped any chance for the more distress area of London and our country to see any hope for a better future pushing them down to poverty increase their hostility towards anybody and that will create feral youths unable to see outside their estate.But hey the guy is muslin and boris was good (what’s happened to the garden bridge and the funds for the fire services…..Boris are you there?).

We are going to be divided if we are not careful.

The “they” will love to see us divided , because when so , we will be a lots more easy to control and became their puppets!

God (all of them) bless you all!

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