The UK has been rocked by a living crisis, with many people struggling to make ends meet. Figures released by the government earlier this year showed that the number of people living in poverty had increased for the third year in a row, with one in five people now living in poverty.

The situation is particularly bad for families with children, with almost half of them living in poverty. This is largely due to the high cost of living in the UK, which has outstripped wage growth in recent years.

This has led to many people having to make tough choices between housing, food and heating. In some cases, people are even having to choose between eating and paying rent.

The government has responded to the crisis by introducing a number of measures, including increasing the minimum wage and introducing a benefits cap. However, these measures have failed to address the underlying causes of the crisis.

The Labour Party has pledged to address the living crisis by introducing a national living wage, increasing benefits and building more affordable housing. This would go a long way towards ensuring that everyone in the UK has a decent standard of living.



In difficult economic times, it is important to save where you can. One way to save money is to reduce your use of energy, and another is to save on the food you buy. Here are some tips for doing both:

1. Save Energy

turn off lights when you leave a room;

use power strips to turn off electronics when you're not using them;

keep your refrigerator and freezer full;

install a programmable thermostat;

use thermal curtains to keep the heat in during winter and the cool air in during summer;

install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators;

2. Save Money on Food

buy in bulk when you can;

plan your meals in advance and make a grocery list based on what you need;

avoid buying processed foods, which are more expensive and not as healthy;

cook from scratch;

use leftovers to create new meals;

eat fruits and vegetables that are in season;

don't waste food - compost any extra, or freeze food that you won't be able to eat right away.



The UK is in the grip of a living crisis, with families forced to scrape by on meagre incomes, and sky-high rents leaving them struggling to make ends meet. This is having a devastating effect on people's health and wellbeing, with immense pressure leading to soaring levels of self-harm and mental health problems.

The government must take urgent action to address this mounting crisis, by investing in social housing and increasing the minimum wage.

Only then will people be able to afford to live comfortably in the UK.


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