This week both sides of the Atlantic are, to use technical geopolitical jargon, even more of a hot mess than usual.


Theresa May stands accused of basically bribing the DUP with £1bn, sourced from the mythical magic money tree, to prevent herself from being evicted from the Big Brexit House.

God-loving Republicans, flush with family values, are trying to take away health insurance from as many vulnerable people as possible by passing a new wealth care bill.

What about the two international leaders?

Trump as a “guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar” basically a fake toupee with a Twitter account.

The British prime minister is basically a walking, talking PowerPoint presentation – just without any charisma whatsoever.

Well, at least, Theresa won’t start a 3rd world war with a twitter at midnight.

What about looking after their people?

Vulnerable British people were allowed to burn to death in an unsafe tower block, only for Kensington Sloane’s to complain bitterly about how rehousing the survivors near them would lower the value of their homes. Basically, old nasty poor people away from the rich…really?

If the tragedy had happened in the US, the survivors would likely have been charged hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital: the US leads the world when it comes to killing off its poorest people by denying them access to affordable healthcare(Obamacare). And the US seems intent on making its healthcare system even more inequitable.

On the plus side, however, the richest people in the US will get tax breaks from the new (wealth)healthcare bill.

US basically now has a Muslim ban in place.

UK, we have charitably told EU nationals that we probably won’t kick them out as long as they have enough money and do enough paperwork.


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