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FACEBOOK OPTION (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
You probably already knew that WhatsApp will add a Facebook option in its application.
The Facebook option was born in the 2.12.14 iOS version as hidden feature and it was available in the 2.12.15 (iOS version) if you reinstalled it (WhatsApp developers did this error), but nobody knew what it meant.
If you never saw this option and you don’t know it, you can see a screenshot here: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/705869100610928640
As you can read, the Facebook option should improve your Facebook experiences using your WhatsApp data, but chats and number will never shared on Facebook.
If you tried to disable it, you couldn’t enable it again.
WhatsApp developers discovered their error in 2.12.15 and they fixed it in 2.12.16, disabling that option.
Since 2.12.16, WhatsApp improved so much the Facebook option: new Facebook option does more things than old one.
After some investigation, I understood many things about that option:
• This option is very important for WhatsApp, because developers are hiding very well every reference about that.
• The security was a very important feature for WhatsApp, so they wrote a page in their website.
I saw some references and I understand that they will wrote a page for this news too. They usually write an article only for very great features, so the Facebook option should be very important for WhatsApp, probably to solve some users doubts about privacy.
• WhatsApp will update their Terms of Privacy and Service, to add more information.
NOTE: When new Terms will be available, the Facebook option will be available for all users too.
• When you will accept new Terms of Privacy and Service, you will have 30 days of time to change the value of your Facebook option.
You will be able to try how your Facebook experiences works, enabling that feature and you will be able to disable that option, but attention: you will be not able to change that option after the 30 days since you accept new WhatsApp terms, so you will have to do a good choise.
There aren’t references about the ETA of this feature, but it will be available soon, when new Terms of Privacy and Service will be available.
WhatsApp for Android 2.16.31 and WhatsApp for iOS support the NEW Facebook option too.
After many investigations in WhatsApp 2.12.14, 2.12.15 and 2.12.16 versions for iOS, I can affirm that WhatsApp is building a feature that allows users to clear their chats.
When the user will try to delete a chat, he will be able to choose a criteria for the cleaning.
At the moment, seems that the feature can allow to:
• Delete all messages older than 30 days. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
• Delete all messages older than 6 months. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
• Delete all messages, except starred ones. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
• Delete all messages that contain an URL. (iOS)
• Delete all messages, except docs and media files. (iOS)
• Delete all messages, except starred ones, docs and media files. (iOS)
• Delete everything.
• (NEW IN delete all messages of old group participants. (iOS)
Note that actually this feature is still disabled.
ALL HIDDEN FEATURES LIST (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
WhatsApp developers added some features in their iOS application, but they are keeping them disabled.
These are disabled features:
01) Facebook option (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
02) Custom deleting mesages feature (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).
03) Replies to specific messages: you will be able to directly reply to specific, like the app Telegram does: https://telegram.org/blog/replies-mentions-hashtags
WhatsApp developers added this in, but they are keeping it disabled.
Screenshots of iOS 6 version (thanks to @iMokhles): https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/715112165250826240
Screenshots of iOS 7+ version (thanks to @SUP3RGIU):
• https://i.imgur.com/4LTpciJ.png
• https://i.imgur.com/vsHK62r.png
• https://i.imgur.com/m7SI69Y.png
• https://i.imgur.com/XMbLxiP.png
Actually this is in iOS versions only, but recent WhatsApp beta for Android builds contain quoted messages feature (DISABLED/INCOMPLETE).
04) File Sharing: you will be able to share any file type. (iOS all, Android docs + zip).
The support is added in 2.12.16 iOS beta versions, but WhatsApp is keeping them disabled at the moment.
Using WhatsApp for Android, you will be able to send files of 100 MB (max), instead using WhatsApp for iOS you will be able to send files of 128 MB (max).
It’s possible that WhatsApp will allow the sharing of bigger files when the feature will be enabled.
I remember you that, thanks to some tests (@iMokhles), if you will share an image as File, WhatsApp will not compress it (GREAT!).
05) Incomplete videos backup: you will able to see if in your actual chat history iCloud Backup which videos aren’t backuped. (iOS)
06) Browser: you will be able to directly view links in WhatsApp thanks to the internal browser. (iOS)
07) iCloud keychain: with the in-app browser, WhatsApp added the iCloud keychain support to use your personal passwords that you saved in iCloud, if you enabled it in iCloud settings. (iOS)
08) FixedSys Font. (iOS) Screenshots: https://twitter.com/Geek_Break/status/712961243913580544
09) New Profile section! Opening this section, you will see a QR code: this is your personal QR code that identifies your WhatsApp Account! (iOS).
If your friend will scan your QR code in WhatsApp > Settings > Profile > Scan Code, his WhatsApp will recognize your number and the app will add it in your friend’s address book.
Remember: keep private your QR Code and you should not publish it if you don’t want that your number will be public.
You can see screenshots about this feature here: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/723308108513161216
10) WhatsApp will finally add video calls!
First reports of video calls are in WhatsApp for iOS versions and you can see some screenshots here: https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/722432323195678720
11) WhatsApp will allow you to send invite links to let your friends to join your group.
So, every group will have an invite link.
You will be able to revoke a group’s invite link and WhatsApp will generate another new link.
This feature should be the same that has Messenger app.
Actually the feature is in WhatsApp beta  for Android. When developers will add it in WhatsApp beta for iOS, I will unlock it for publishing screenshots.
But.. Will WhatsApp add usernames too? So this feature will have more sense, because it’s easier to manually add a friend: why should we send the link of a group if we can immediately add the friend into the group?
12) Multiple accounts.
I didn’t personally find this feature in WhatsApp beta for iOS versions, but a good developer (@iMokhles) leaked this news.
Multiple accounts should be available in future.
WhatsApp will allow to Blackberry users to export their chat history in an Android compatible format, so you will be able to import your WhatsApp for Blackberry chat history to Android versions!

WhatsApp will allow this because

  • they will be ending support Blackberry and Symbian platforms and they will give the possibility to users to keep their chat history.


Maybe they will allow this for Symbian users too.
Probably, for WhatsApp for iOS limitations, Blackberry exported chats will be not compatible with iOS if WhatsApp developers doesn’t add other cloud storages in their iOS application (for example Google Drive) because, actually, WhatsApp for iOS supports iCloud only and you cannot import other backups.
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