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This is a simple guide for noobs on how to stay anonymous and safe in the clearweb and the darknet. If it seems “too good to be true” you better bet your ass it’s a scam! Assume everything is being monitored 24/7, is hacked/malware attacks, keyloggers, LEO/spies, and that your real IP is being leaked. Just that last bit might make you think twice before downloading/sharing any type of illegal content. Remember sometimes these downloaded/uploaded requests which use the ‘GET’ command are simple leaks your senstive IP information. (Please don’t download too big of files to slow down the network) Turn off all types of scripts and other possible security risks that the onion webpage is trying use. Tor does not provide protection against end-to-end timing attacks: If your attacker can watch the traffic coming out of your computer, and also the traffic arriving at your chosen destination, he can use statistical analysis to discover that they are part of the same circuit. Below ill be adding different things for you to think about.

NSAs Global Tap on Fiber Optics

The NSA intercepts millions of pieces of Google and Yahoo user information each day by tapping into the links between servers, According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the agency secretly exploits the data links in Google and Yahoo’s global networks through a project called MUSCULAR, allegedly operated jointly with the GCHQ (which was accused earlier this year of snagging data from fiber optic cables). A January 9th document says that in the preceding 30 days, collectors had processed over 181 million pieces of information, including both metadata and the actual contents of communications. Not to mention these other NSA spying programs:

PRISM XKeyscore Tepora Project 6 Stateroom Lustre

The Way You Write, Usernames, Emails And Other Ways of Fingerprinting Your Computer

The government has tools in which they can plug stuff into a computer program and it generates ‘list of known’ people who fits the profile based on thousands of wirting samples collected. If you think I’m joking, you better turn around right now. DO NOT USE, clearnet Usernames and Emails in anything you do on the deep-web. This would provide a simple link to ID your actions within the onion network. Screen sizes, OS, Time of Day, Habbits and other methods are easily used to fingerprint users computers and create a profile which could be used against the user. Tails is for staying anonymous. When you use it on a computer, it doesn’t leave a trace that it was ever booted. It changes your MAC address before you connect to a network, and it forces all traffic to go over the Tor network, ensuring that you don’t make a technical mistake and accidentally leak your IP address. When you use the web browser that comes with Tails, your traffic looks exactly like the traffic of all other Tor users.

Use Encryption & Bitcoins, Be Hard to Trace

Encryption might be crackable using highly advanced computers that may or may not exist. There is always those stories that go around many of the deep web of this ‘unresponsive computer’ which signals to computers all over the web. Most likely controls the internet, and many believe this is some type of quantum-computer system which is highly advanced and is nearly impossible to break into. So to say if they can crack encryption, I have to say they can do it but it’s not as fast as they want it to be. We all remember hearing about the NSA paying RSA to leave flaws within the encryption code. There are backdoors in every modern computer motherboard built today, smartphones with GPS chips. They can remotely turn on your computers/phone microphone and camera. No matter what you’re being tracked. For Emals/Chats you can use PGP Signing, RSA/AES Two Way Encryption to make sure your message is verified and hidden from the world. A simple way to hide your transactions would to be use Bitcoins and other types of AltCoins. You can use a BTC tumbler to further hide yourself from dirty darknet BTC. It’s a massive war to stay anonymous online because there is always a new security hole that could expose you. We need more people to care about the privacy that we deserve to have online.

Assume Everyone Is A Cop, Hacker or Scam Artist

This should be the number one rule in your book; Don’t Ever Trust Anyone! Just because you read reviews online, or think Tor will save you from getting caught. You’re wrong, they can trace you and you will go to jail if your computer gets seized. Well thats if you remember your hard-drive encryption key, hint hint. A judge ruled that you didn’t have to legally give up the key to LEO. There is a ton of Malware, Bots, Keyloggers and other types of software floating on all levels of the internet. The best bet is keep scripts disabled and try not to download items from places unknown. They might try to ‘call home’ and expose you IP address. Scams are rapid on the deep web, when one gets noticed another pops-up right in it’s place. You can never be too careful before buying something on the darkweb, I would never send something to my house. You would need to get some type of PO Box or secure drop box that wont be traced back to you. Stay Anon…

Be Ready To Deal With The Law

Everything good comes to an end. You will find this out from many of the popular onion sites that hosted awful material, sold drugs, hacked and other illegal actions which are highly likely to get you a jail-cell in a federal pen. You can take your chances, but I can tell you these LEOs are not playing and will do anything to get your real information for court orders. When the US vs Anon papers appear in your mail-box, you will be shiting in your pants. Or they’ll be knocking your f**king door down at 6am. The above steps are mostly for noobs who are just starting discovering the deep-web. Ill be going more indepth later on when I get some more time to type up methods for secure proxy-chain and other methods that will make sure you stay in the clear.


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