Destiny 2 is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game is set in a fictional world where players take on the role of a Guardian, a protector of Earth’s last city. Players can choose from three-character classes, each with its own unique abilities and play styles, and embark on a variety of missions, strikes, and raids, both solo and with friends.

Destiny 2 also features an extensive array of weapons and Armor, as well as a variety of PvP modes for players to compete against each other. The game has received positive reviews for its gameplay, story, and world-building, and continues to be updated with new content on a regular basis.

Lore: The game’s lore is rich and intricate, with a deep backstory that expands through various means of storytelling, including in-game events, books, and comics. The player’s journey is centred around the mysterious Traveller, an ancient being that once brought humanity to the heights of civilization, but now lies dormant above the city.

Gameplay: Destiny 2 offers a mix of first-person shooter and role-playing game elements, with players able to customize their weapons, Armor, and abilities as they progress through the game. There are various planets and locations to explore, each with their own unique enemies and environments.

PvE and PvP: In addition to the main campaign, Destiny 2 offers a variety of PvE activities, including Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, and Raids, where players team up with friends to take on challenging encounters. The game also features a variety of PvP modes, including the Crucible, where players can battle each other in various multiplayer game modes.

Ever-Expanding Content: Destiny 2 has a robust content roadmap, with regular updates, expansions, and seasonal events that add new weapons, Armor, story missions, and more to the game. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, there is always something new to discover and enjoy in Destiny 2.

Why You Should Play Destiny 2: If you are looking for an immersive and engaging online shooter that offers hours of fun and excitement, then Destiny 2 is the game for you. You can create your own legend as a Guardian, explore the vast solar system, fight against powerful foes, and forge friendships with other players. Destiny 2 is more than just a game; it is a community of passionate fans who share their love for this amazing universe.

Join them today and see for yourself why Destiny 2 is one of the best games ever made.

How do I get started with Destiny 2?

If you are new to Destiny 2, you might be wondering how to get started with this amazing game. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here are some tips and steps to follow to begin your adventure as a Guardian.

  1. Choose your platform: Destiny 2 is available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. You can choose the one that suits you best, depending on your preferences and hardware. You will need an internet connection and a subscription to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play online.
  2. Download the game: You can download Destiny 2 for free from the respective store of your platform. The game is quite large, so make sure you have enough space on your device. You will also need to download any updates or patches that are available.
  3. Create your character: Once you launch the game, you will be prompted to create your character. You can choose from three-character classes: Titan, Hunter, or Warlock. Each class has its own unique abilities and play styles, so pick the one that appeals to you most. You can also customize your character’s appearance, such as their face, hair, and markings.
  4. Play the tutorial: The game will guide you through a tutorial mission that will teach you the basics of the game, such as how to move, shoot, use your abilities, and interact with the world. You will also learn about the story and the lore of Destiny 2.
  5. Explore the world: After the tutorial, you will be able to access the Director, which is the map of the game. You can use it to select various destinations and activities to play. You can explore different planets and locations, each with their own unique enemies and environments. You can also embark on a variety of missions, strikes, and raids, both solo and with friends.
  6. Join the community: Destiny 2 is more than just a game; it is a community of passionate fans who share their love for this amazing universe. You can join them by using various features, such as voice chat, text chat, clans, fireteams, and matchmaking. You can also visit various websites and forums where you can find guides, tips, news, and more about Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a game that offers hours of fun and excitement for players of all levels and preferences. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, there is always something new to discover and enjoy in Destiny 2.

What are the best DLCs for Destiny 2?

That’s a question that many players ask themselves, especially if they want to experience the full potential of this amazing game. Destiny 2 is a huge online multiplayer game that offers tons of content and activities for players of all kinds. However, some of the best and most exciting parts of the game are only accessible through DLCs, or downloadable content. DLCs are expansions that add new features and content to the game, usually for a price. They can include new missions, raids, weapons, gear, and more. In this blog post, we will rank all the DLCs for Destiny 2 from best to worst, based on their quality, value, and fun factor. We will also give you some tips on how to get the most out of each DLC and what to expect from them. Let’s dive in!

Curse of Osiris – December 2017

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris is the first expansion for the popular sci-fi shooter. It was released on December 5, 2017, and it adds a new story campaign, a new destination, new activities, new gear, and more. In this blog post, I will give you a brief overview of what to expect from the Curse of Osiris.

The story of Curse of Osiris revolves around the legendary Warlock Osiris, who was exiled from the Tower for his controversial experiments with the Vex. Osiris has discovered a dark future where the Vex have conquered the solar system, and he needs your help to stop them. You will travel to Mercury, where you will explore the Infinite Forest, a simulated reality created by the Vex. You will also encounter new enemies, such as the Vex Fanatics and the Cabal Loyalists.

The expansion also introduces a new destination: the Fields of Glass. This is a barren landscape on Mercury, where you can find the Lighthouse, a social space where you can meet other Guardians and vendors. The Fields of Glass also host two new activities: Adventures and Lost Sectors. Adventures are short missions that give you more insight into the lore and secrets of Mercury. Lost Sectors are hidden dungeons that contain powerful enemies and loot.

One of the main attractions of Curse of Osiris is the new raid lair: Eater of Worlds. This is a shorter and more challenging version of the Leviathan raid, where you will face new puzzles, mechanics, and bosses. The raid lair rewards you with exclusive gear and weapons, such as the Zenith of Your Kind shotgun and the I Am Alive grenade launcher.

Curse of Osiris also adds new gear to collect and customize your Guardian. You can find new armor sets, such as the Kairos Function and the Omega Mechanos. You can also obtain new exotic weapons, such as the Prometheus Lens trace rifle and the Telesto fusion rifle. Additionally, you can unlock new ornaments for your existing exotics, such as the Eye of Osiris for the Vigilance Wing pulse rifle and the Veist Silver for the MIDA Multi-Tool scout rifle.

If you are a fan of Destiny 2, you should definitely check out Curse of Osiris. It offers a lot of content and fun for both solo and co-op players. You can buy it separately or as part of the Expansion Pass. Happy hunting, Guardians!

Warmind – May 2018

Warmind will focus on the mysterious Rasputin, the ancient AI that controls the solar system’s defenses. Rasputin has been dormant for a long time, but something has awakened him and he’s not happy. You’ll team up with Ana Bray, a Guardian who has a personal connection to Rasputin, to uncover his secrets and stop a new threat from the Hive.

The Hive are trying to harness the power of Nokris, a long-lost son of Oryx, the Taken King. Nokris is a necromancer who can revive the dead, and he’s leading an army of frozen Hive called the Grasp of Nokris. They’re digging into the ice of Mars to unleash an ancient worm god named Xol, Will of the Thousands. Xol is one of the most powerful beings in the Destiny universe, and he wants to consume Rasputin and everything else.

You’ll have to face these enemies in the new destination, Hellas Basin. This is a frozen wasteland on Mars that was once home to a Golden Age civilization. You’ll explore lost facilities, ancient ruins, and massive glaciers as you fight your way to Rasputin’s core. Along the way, you’ll find new loot and secrets to discover.

One of the new features of Warmind is Escalation Protocol. This is a public event that can be triggered by any player in Hellas Basin. It will spawn waves of increasingly difficult enemies that you have to defeat within a time limit. You’ll also have to complete various objectives, such as destroying crystals or hacking terminals. The final wave will pit you against a powerful boss that changes every week. If you manage to complete all seven waves, you’ll earn exclusive rewards and bragging rights.

Forsaken – September 2018 (one of the best!)

Destiny 2 Forsaken is the latest expansion for the popular online shooter game. It was released on September 4, 2018, and it brings a lot of new content and features to the game. In this blog post, I will give you a brief overview of what you can expect from Destiny 2 Forsaken.

The main story of Destiny 2 Forsaken revolves around the death of Cayde-6, one of the most beloved characters in the game. He was killed by Uldren Sov, the prince of the Awoken, who has been corrupted by a mysterious force called the Darkness. You and your fellow Guardians must hunt down Uldren and his eight Barons, who have escaped from the Prison of Elders and are wreaking havoc in the Tangled Shore, a new location in the Reef.

Destiny 2 Forsaken also introduces a new game mode called Gambit, which is a hybrid of PvE and PvP. In Gambit, two teams of four players compete against each other to collect and deposit motes of light from fallen enemies. The more motes you deposit, the more blockers you can send to your opponents’ side, and the closer you get to summoning a powerful boss called the Primeval. The first team to kill their Primeval wins the round.

Another new feature in Destiny 2 Forsaken is the Dreaming City, which is the endgame destination for the expansion. The Dreaming City is the home of the Awoken, and it is full of secrets, puzzles, and challenges. It also changes every week, depending on the actions of the players and the state of the world. The Dreaming City is where you can find the new raid, called Last Wish, which is one of the most difficult and rewarding activities in the game.

Destiny 2 Forsaken is a huge update that adds a lot of depth and variety to the game. It has been praised by critics and fans alike as one of the best expansions in the Destiny franchise. If you are a fan of Destiny or online shooters in general, you should definitely check out Destiny 2 Forsaken.

Shadowkeep – October 2019 (very good)

If you are a fan of Destiny 2, you probably know that the game has undergone some major changes in the past year. The Forsaken expansion, released in September 2018, introduced a new story campaign, new locations, new modes, new weapons, and new enemies. It also revamped the endgame content, adding new raids, dungeons, quests, and challenges. Forsaken was widely praised by critics and players alike, as it improved many aspects of the game and added a lot of depth and variety.

But Forsaken was not the end of the story. In October 2019, Destiny 2 launched its next big expansion: Shadowkeep. Shadowkeep brought players back to the Moon, a familiar location from the first Destiny game, but with a dark and twisted twist. The Moon was haunted by nightmares, manifestations of the enemies that Guardians had faced and defeated in the past. These nightmares were controlled by a mysterious force that lurked in the shadows of the lunar surface.

Shadowkeep also introduced a new story campaign, new locations, new modes, new weapons, and new enemies. It also added a new raid, a new dungeon, and a new seasonal system that offered different activities and rewards every few months. Shadowkeep was another success for Destiny 2, as it continued to expand the game’s universe and lore, and offered more challenges and fun for players.

Destiny 2 Forsaken – Shadowkeep was a great year for Destiny 2 fans, as it delivered two amazing expansions that enriched the game’s story and gameplay. If you haven’t played them yet, you should definitely give them a try. You won’t regret it.

Beyond Light – November 2020

Destiny 2 Beyond Light introduces a new destination, Europa, where players will face the Fallen House of Darkness and uncover the secrets of the ancient civilization that once lived there. Beyond Light also adds a new element, Stasis, which allows players to manipulate time and freeze their enemies. The expansion also features a new raid, Deep Stone Crypt, where players will challenge the forces of the Darkness and discover the origin of the Exos. Beyond Light is a thrilling adventure that will test the Guardians’ loyalty and morality as they decide whether to embrace or resist the Darkness.

Bungie 30th Anniversary Event – December 2021(funny)

Destiny 2 fans, get ready for a blast from the past! Bungie is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special event that will bring back some of the most iconic weapons, armor, and missions from its legendary games. Whether you are a fan of Halo, Marathon, Myth, or Oni, you will find something to enjoy in this nostalgic tribute.

The event will run from December 7th to February 22nd, and will feature a new six-player activity called the Dares of Eternity, where you will face off against waves of enemies from different Bungie franchises. You will also be able to explore a hidden loot cave that contains secrets and treasures from Bungie’s history. And of course, you will be able to earn and equip some of the most iconic gear from Bungie’s games, such as the Battle Rifle, the Gjallarhorn, the Mythoclast, and more.

The event is free for all Destiny 2 players, but you can also purchase the Bungie 30th Anniversary , which includes an exotic shotgun called the Claymore, an exotic sparrow called the Marathon-themed Galahad, an exotic ship called the Cortana-inspired AI-COM/RSPN, and access to a new dungeon called the Throne of Bones, where you will face the Hive god Xivu Arath and her army of undead.

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is a way for Bungie to thank its loyal fans for their support over the years, and to celebrate its rich legacy of game development. Don’t miss this chance to relive some of the best moments from Bungie’s games, and to create new memories with your friends in Destiny 2.

The Witch Queen – February 2022 (brilliant!)

The Witch Queen will focus on the mysterious leader of the Hive, Savathûn, who has been manipulating events behind the scenes for centuries. She is the sister of Oryx, the Taken King, who was defeated by the Guardians in Destiny 1. Now, she seeks to unleash her own dark power and claim the Light for herself.

The expansion will introduce a new destination, Savathûn’s Throne World, a twisted realm where the rules of reality are bent to her will. There, players will face new threats, such as the Lucent Brood, a new faction of Hive that can wield the Light like the Guardians. Players will also have to contend with Savathûn’s champions, the Witch Queen’s Guard, who are armed with powerful weapons and abilities.

The Witch Queen will also bring new gameplay features, such as weapon crafting, which will allow players to customize their own legendary weapons with different perks and mods. Additionally, players will be able to unlock a new subclass, the Void 3.0, which will offer more options and flexibility for using the Void element.

Lightfall 2023 (OK..ish lot’s of updates)

The story of Lightfall picks up where The Witch Queen left off. After defeating Savathûn and her army of Lucent Hive, we discover that she was not the only threat to the Last City. A mysterious darkness has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike. This darkness is none other than the Pyramids, the ancient enemies of the Traveler and the source of our nightmares.

The Pyramids have been manipulating events throughout our history, from the Collapse to the Red War, and now they are ready to unleash their final plan: to extinguish the Light once and for all. To do this, they have corrupted some of our former allies, such as Eris Morn, the Drifter, and even the Exo Stranger, who have turned against us and joined the Dark Vanguard, a new faction of Guardians who wield the dark powers of Stasis, Corruption, and Decay.

To stop them, we will have to face our darkest fears and embrace a new source of Light: the Splinter. The Splinter is a shard of the Traveler that was broken off during the Collapse and has been hidden in a secret location ever since. The Splinter grants us access to a new subclass: Radiance, which allows us to channel the purest form of Light and unleash devastating attacks on our enemies.

The Splinter also unlocks a new activity: the Lightfall Raid, where we will have to infiltrate the Pyramid ship that is hovering above the Last City and confront the Dark Vanguard in a final showdown. The Raid will feature new mechanics, puzzles, and bosses that will test our skills and teamwork like never before.

The Final Shape – 2024…?

The Final Shape is the name given to the ultimate enemy of the Guardians, the player characters who protect the solar system from various threats. The Final Shape is also known as the Darkness, the Winnower, or the Pyramid Ships. It is an ancient and powerful entity that seeks to impose its will on all creation, and to eliminate anything that does not conform to its vision.

The Final Shape was first teased in the original Destiny game, where it was shown as a massive fleet of black pyramids lurking beyond the edge of the solar system. In Destiny 2, the pyramids began to invade the system, causing havoc and corruption wherever they went. The Guardians fought back against them, but soon realized that they were not the only ones who had to face them.

The Final Shape also had enemies among other alien races, such as the Hive, the Vex, and the Cabal. These races had their own agendas and motivations, but they all shared a common fear of the Darkness. Some of them tried to ally with the Guardians, while others tried to use the pyramids for their own gain. The result was a complex and chaotic war that spanned across planets and dimensions.

The Final Shape is expected to be the climax of Destiny 2’s story arc, and possibly the end of the game itself. The developers have hinted that it will be a massive and unprecedented event that will change everything in the game world. The Final Shape will also reveal the true nature and origin of the Darkness, and its relation to the Light, the source of power for the Guardians.

The Final Shape is scheduled to be released in 2024, according to the official roadmap of Destiny 2. Some fans also hope that The Final Shape will not be the end of Destiny 2, but rather a new beginning for a possible Destiny 3.

Whatever happens, The Final Shape is sure to be one of the most epic and memorable events in gaming history. It will test the skills, courage, and faith of every Guardian who dares to face it. It will also answer one of the biggest questions in Destiny’s lore: what is the final shape of the universe?


Xur is a mysterious vendor who appears every Friday at a random location in the solar system, offering a selection of exotic weapons and armor for a hefty price. He also sells an exotic engram that guarantees an item you don’t already have, and a legendary cipher that can be used to unlock vaulted exotics from previous seasons. If you’re looking for some new gear to spice up your loadout, or just want to complete your exotic collection, you’ll want to find Xur every week and see what he has to offer.

Look for xur here

Destiny 2 has received about a dozen Seasons since its release. Each Season typically brings with it some new stories, Exotics to chase, and better gear to unlock. The seasonal model officially began after the release of Forsaken. Before then, Bungie was still utilizing a traditional DLC release schedule1.

You can find the order of each Season in Destiny 2 from the time the game first launched to the latest Season announced on this Shacknews page.

As you can see the game is massive and I’ve only used the PS4 version.

You can play it in crossplay on basically every system!

Enjoy Guardians!

all the best from Clueless Titan (yep!).

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