.NET still going

“Developers who were worried that Microsoft was retreating from .Net can
breathe easier,”

or groan louder while facepalming

“as the software giant had a host of .Net-related announcements to make
at its annual TechEd North America conference this week.”


“Recent Build developer conferences have been light on .Net content,
between Microsoft pushing JavaScript and web technologies for Windows
Store apps, and its renewed emphasis on C++ for the desktop.”

I guess the C-pounders and VB’ers “felt left out” [yeah I used the ‘F’
word ‘feel’]

Still, C++ has more efficiency than all that “.Not” and CLR crap.  Why
not just build a binary that runs everywhere, like x86, with optional
x64 and ARM [when needed].  C++ code SHOULD work EVERYWHERE if it’s
written properly.

Or better still, USE wxWidgets.  Heh.

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