Password security

Read the above and then
I’m amused by the idea that L33tSP34k is a useful form of encryption.

And ob-vee-uss-lee, storing your passwords on your phone is extremely


So knowing that read this
i’m @mµ$¢Ð þ¥ th¢ iТ@ th@t £33t$¶34k i$ @ µ$¢ƒµ£ ƒø®m øƒ ¢n箥¶tiøn.

@nÐ øþ-v¢¢-µ$$-£¢¢, $tø®ing ¥øµ® ¶@$$wø®Ð$ øn ¥øµ® ¶høn¢ i$ ¢xt®¢m¢£¥



hacking is all about emails, phishing.


DO not leave old email accounts around (google, yahoo, msn, etc)

Do not repeat password…and do not trust emails with attachment

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