Snowden, Assange, Greenwald to speak at Kim Dotcom’s

  1. MEDIA RESOURCES: Snowden, Assange, Greenwald to speak at Kim Dotcom’s political bombshell event: #MOT; the Moment of Truth
  2. In a little over 5 hours time (6pm NZST doors, 7pm start) the fightback for our country begins and we need the world’s
  3. help to spread the word -FAST-.
  4. Event Hashtags: #MOT (primary) & #MomentOfTruth
  5. Official website & livestream:
  6. Background Hashtags: #GCSB #nzpol #dirtypolitics #decision14 #Greenwald
  7. Live-tweets/additional live content:
  8. @InternetPartyNZ
  9. @OccupyNZ
  10. @Redstar309z
  11. @endarken
  12. @keyweekat
  13. @RizingTidez
  14. Background to the Dirty Politics scandal that has rocked NZ: @DirtyPoliticsNZ /
  15. Massive collection of Dirty Politics source links available at the aforementioned address and also at:
  17. More recent mega-article with more details on the implications & actions of complicit NZ media:
  19. For more information check Dirty Politics on Wikipedia and/or search “Greenwald New Zealand” on web/You Tube

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