Some Thoughts

  1. So I’ve noticed a lot of people asking here and various other places what to do next.  Some feel unsure of what steps to take exactly in regards to the whole gamergate thing or if what they’ve been doing is even effective in the first place.  Some are worried it’s going to implode like OWS did while others feel like simply walking away entirely is the best strategy.  Add to this the bombardment of nonstop biased articles, a smug attitude of those on the other side, and nonstop censorship on major sites for discussion and it can all feel overwhelming.
  2. I get it.  Everything about the last four weeks is confusing and that confusion can make what has been accomplished seem insignificant.  You’ve got many voices all adding their own ideas, discussing their own fears, and wanting their own outcomes combining together to make one hell of a garbled chorus.  So people feel at a loss at times.  It’s hard to hear the harmony amongst the noise.
  3. But that’s part of the bargain you see.  When you have a group with no defined leadership these are the issues that arise.  It’s just a part of the way things are.  However it does have its perks.  Those leaders who would give you direction, who would help to point the way come at a cost.  Maybe they become arrogant, maybe they fuck up and the press of that failure kills everything in one fell swoop, maybe they sell you out, or maybe they simply use you for their personal benefit.  There is a certain security without them.
  4. Myself, I put out a few videos.  I found the subject interesting and I found the attitudes and relationships of those in the gaming press and indie scene to be unacceptable.  Aside from that I use social media (A thing I fucking hate with a passion) to try and spread around the actions of others.  Maybe that’s not enough, maybe it is; who knows.
  5. However one other thing I do is pay attention, I lurk various sites, read peoples opinions and pick up on the ideas they have that seem to be worthwhile.  And there are many.  But for whatever reason they seem to get lost amidst the noise and people overlook them.  So I’ve jotted these down over the last week and would like to put them out there for the people that are interested.  You know another perk of a group made up of so many people from every walk of life is that many of them have various talents that are useful in a situation like this.  Being able to couple together those good ideas with the individuals possessing such unique talents can yield amazing results.
  6. So I figure what I’ll do is host a stream tomorrow and talk about what I’ve seen and what I think might be effective in helping to gain more ground.  My voice will be shit, I’m sick (have been for days), but I do believe these ideas that have been floating around out there have merit.  If you’re interested in hearing them the stream will be tomorrow 9/17/2014 at 6pm central standard time.
  7. It seems like we’ve gotten nonstop push-back.  Sites shutting down conversation, hit pieces in the press, shilling left and right.  Why do you suppose that is?  If a movement were a joke they’d be used as a punchline.  What we’ve seen these past four weeks isn’t humor, it’s fear.  These people are afraid of us and they should be.  They know the longer this goes on the more information about their behaviors and attitudes come to light.  You are, we all are, engaged in a massive and prolonged tug of war.  If you let go of that rope now you’ll never get your hands on it again.

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