Computer viruses are rapidly growing in the World Wide Web as numerous hackers unleash them on internet in the hope of stealing private financial information. To protect yourself completely, it is important to have a set of tools hardware and software on your network and pc so that you can safeguard it from any possible virus, malware,worm, trojan threat.

Although hackers are hunting for unprotected networks and systems, the best antivirus software programs provide complete protection so that you don’t become one of the vulnerable…still! There is a lots then can be done…

To prevent your data from being compromised it is important to minimize the damaging effects by taking some compulsory measures to safeguard your system from online viruses. A Few tips to protect your system from viruses and spyware are mentioned below:

Use a Dynamic Firewall Protection: Download antivirus software in conjunction with an effective firewall that can successfully protect against hackers from breaking into your PC. A firewall filters information passed through internet to your network and prevents hackers from attacking your computer.

Best bet is to use a firewall embedded in a router . The best ones are to open source firmware ones on linux base. Constantly updated and full of configurations.

Software ones are ok , but you’ll need a copy on every pc,tablet and phone connected to your network.

Use WPA/ WPA2 Encryption: It is essential to use WPA or WPA2 encryption to protect against hackers from attacking your PC over a wireless network. Encrypted wireless transmissions are not impossible to break, although it takes considerable amount of time and effort for hackers to get information. The weaker your wireless network the less time would it take for a hacker to access your PC.

That mean a strong password.

Additionally set up you wireless router with a guest network , so your visitors are not going to connect on your main network with their , surely , less protected devices.

Open Attachments from Trusted Sources: Attachments that are from trusted and known sources can be opened, and everything else must be deleted immediately. Even though they are many types of file attachments that you may be curious about, it is best that you don’t compromise your PC safety by opening them if they are not from a trusted source.

This is an human thing , use an email service with a strong antivirus detection , do not skimp on that.

Still make sure you never click on weird attachment.

Install a sandbox system on your pc to test and check these attachment.

Maybe a Linux virtual machine!

Active Antivirus Program: Choosing an effective computer virus protection is essential as it gives guaranteed protection against malicious code and other harmful online virus threats. If you accidently download a virus infected file, your antivirus download will provide protection and quarantine the file.

Which antivirus the best…difficult they are all good and bad, even the Windows defender does work fine.

It all about prevention.

Following the above mentioned essential steps will help you to safeguard your PC and keep your private and confidential information safe. Stay vigilant and choose a dynamic antivirus program to safeguard your system.

Again use a crypted DNS server like cloudfare, check before you use them and check if the traffic is spied by them.

Use a VPN service for untrusted or in need of security sites( Northvpn served me well to the current day)

Keep you router password strong and keep your router updated.

With more following articles I’ll show some brands able to help you around.😎

However the weakest link in the chain is you with you curiosity and weakness in clicking on anything!😃

1 second click days of pain!😭

Good luck

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