When Murphy's Law is in effect, you'll be glad you have these ten unusual items in your survival kit.

1. A solar powered phone charger. When the power is out and your phone is about to die, you'll be glad you have this.

2. A crank powered flashlight. This will come in handy when the battery in your flashlight dies and you need to see in the dark.

3. A reflector blanket. This can be used to reflect sunlight to create heat or to signal for help.

4. A poncho. A poncho can keep you dry in a downpour and can also be used as a shelter.

5. A Swiss Army knife. This all-in-one tool can be used for a variety of purposes, including opening cans and bottles, sawing wood, and even picking locks.

6. Duct tape. Duct tape can be used for everything from repairing gear to making a shelter.

7. A fishing net. A fishing net can be used to catch food when traditional fishing methods are not possible.

8. A water filter. A water filter canPurify water that is not safe to drink, allowing you to stay hydrated in the wild.

9. A fire starter. A fire starter can help you get a fire going even when it's wet outside.

10. A trauma kit. A trauma kit can help you treat injuries until you can get to a hospital.

A well-prepared survival kit is a vital component of outdoor safety. However, there are a few additional items that can make your kit even more effective.

One of the most important additions to a survival kit is a reliable knife. A good knife can be used for a variety of purposes, including shelter construction, firestarting, and game hunting. In addition, a knife can also be used as a signaling device in the event of an emergency.

Another important addition to a survival kit is a quality multi-tool. A multi-tool can be used for tasks such as sawing, hammering, and screwdriving. This can be extremely useful in a survival situation where limited tools are available.

A final addition to consider is a headlamp. A headlamp can be helpful in a variety of settings, including setting up a shelter or starting a fire at night. Additionally, a headlamp leaves your hands free, which can be helpful in a number of ways.

In conclusion, there are many items that you may need in a survival kit. While some of these items are common, such as a knife or a fire starter, others may be less common. By knowing what to include in your kit, you can be better prepared for any emergency situation.

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